FIG is here to separate fact from fiction

If you’re at the start of your health journey, walking through the super market and trying to dodge the clever marketing gimmicks to make the right choices can be daunting! You’re faced with full-fat vs. low-fat, grain fed vs. grass fed, sugar free vs. naturally sweetened and now, what seems like an influx of super foods you can’t pronounce that emerge on a weekly basis. At FIG, we like to use ingredients that really benefit you, fuel you and make you feel good, so we have identified some super food superstars and some of their less impressive friends for you!

Firstly, what classifies a super food?

Super foods are foods that have very high nutrient density compared to calories, and high ORAC ratings, which are an antioxidant potency indicator. There are plenty of traditional everyday super foods full of antioxidants that are probably in your pantry and refrigerator right now, but we’ll get to those later. Now we have a look at what you should and shouldn’t be coveting.

Friend or foe?

Inca berries – they are certainly full of flavonols and right at the top when it comes to the ORAC rating, yet the much more economical and accessible berry choices such as blueberries and goji berries have much the same benefits and are probably sitting in your fridge anyway.

Pomegranate Juice – let’s just say that come Friday afternoon, you can put down your glass of pomegranate juice and pour yourself a glass of red wine instead, as they follow closely in antioxidant potency. Pomegranate juice is of course very beneficial, but not much more than Concord grape juice or blueberry juice which are much easier to find and a lot more affordable too.

Chia Seeds – There is no alternative for this one.  Chia seeds offer a great source of vegetable-based proteins (double that of any other seed or grain). They also have double the potassium of bananas, beneficial antioxidants, fibre, and essential fatty acids (including triple the omega-3 fatty acids found in flax seeds) Essential minerals such as phosphorous, manganese, calcium, sodium and potassium are also on board. So in short, chia is irreplaceable and pretty darn super and this is why it features on our menu as a topper for your breakky bowls!

Kombucha – known as the super drink with the ability to heal the gut, it helps the stomach and the liver with digestion. There really is no substitute for kombucha. It is packed with gut loving probiotics and is a great addition to any meal as it aids with absorption and digestion. Make sure you try one with your next FIG meal!

If you still find yourself confused in that super market isle, always know that if you think you’re being sold a gimmick, you probably are. Real, nutritious super foods don’t need a whole lot of advertising. At FIG we have made it our mission to ensure our meals are full of goodness. That is why on our menu you will see a mixture of the latest and greatest super foods and some under dog favourites that pack a punch such as beetroot, pumpkin, coriander and quinoa, so come in and get your super food fix today!

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