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Make these food swaps for glowing skin

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Healthy looking skin is always in

We’ve all heard that our skin can be a window into our health. Whether you’re male or female, nice skin is always high on the priority list. A glowing, clear complexion is generally a sign that you’re taking good care of yourself. Meanwhile, stress, poor sleep and nutrition can wreak havoc on your skin, leaving it sore, irritated and angry.

Topical treatments can only do so much. They key to healthy skin comes from within. It’s about finding a healthy balance that works for your body, between nutrition, hydration, lifestyle factors and skin care. There are some skin loving nutrient dense foods that help to nourish your body from the inside out.

At FIG, we’re all about food that makes you feel good and actually benefits your health, this is why our menu is packed with nutrient rich foods. We have put together a list of food swaps you can make to get that glow, inside out.

Swap this for that

Swap: Coffee
For: Green Tea or Kombucha
Why? Coffee, contains caffeine, which is a diuretic. This can lead to dehydration, leaving your skin lacking that plump, super-soft appearance. Swapping coffee for green tea or kombucha can reduce the amount of caffeine you’re taking in, while also helping you to fight free radicals that cause skin damage while providing your gut with good bacteria. Green tea also provides your body with polyphenols, which enhance your skin’s ability to retain moisture, helping it to look plum and glowing. This is why one of our FIG smoothies contains Matcha, to give you that glow from within.

Swap: White Potatoes
For: Pumpkin or Sweet Potatoes
Why? Both pumpkin and orange sweet potatoes are known to be a great skin booster, thanks to their beta-carotene and vitamin C content. You may have heard of Retinol and seen is as part of the ingredient list in your skin care. What you may not have known is that retinol is converted Vitamin A, which is beta-carotene. On top of this, the vitamin C helps to stimulate the production of elastin and collagen, which can help keep your skin looking firmer. Try our Thumpkin Pumpkin smoothie for your dose of beta-carotene and vitamin C.

Swap: Butter
For: Avocado
Why? Not only will you be saving significant calories, you will also be increasing your

Fibre intake and showing your heart some love with all that good fat. We know that good fats are also heaven for our skin. Avocado is jam packed with free radical quenching compounds which provide significant protection for your skin from the environmental damage that leads to fine lines, wrinkles and other visible signs of aging. The high amounts of carotenoids in avocado have been shown to improve skins density, thickness and tone too! So you have our tick of approval for that smashed avo breakky every week!

Swap: Tomato Sauce
For: Fresh Tomato Salsa
Why? Tomatoes are another great source of vitamin C and they also contain all of the major carotenoids, including lycopene. These have been shown to prevent skin from sun damage and wrinkling. At FIG, we love including our fresh tomato medley in our lunch bowls for that delicious, fresh Mediterranean flavour. Remember that carotenoids need fat to be absorbed so always have your tomatoes with some olive oil or cheese. We certainly won’t be complaining about that.

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