Is food still considered fresh if it has been frozen?

You will hear a different response to this question no matter whom you ask. With so many options lining the grocery store aisles, choosing how to buy fruit and veggies and how to deal with them when you get home can be mind-boggling. But when nutrition is the deciding factor, what’s the best way to get the biggest bang per nutritional buck?

At FIG, our name says it all. We believe that fresh is best, but this doesn’t mean that frozen food isn’t fresh! At certain times of the year it can be near impossible to find fresh, local produce beyond root vegetables. So what is the second-best choice? Frozen? Or well travelled fresh?

We look at produce, meat, fish and poultry to help you make the freshest choice


Most frozen produce is picked at peak season and then immediately frozen to retain nutrients and freshness. Fresh produce from faraway places, on the other hand, loses some of its nutrient value while traveling and then sitting on a shelf for days or longer. But the amount of nutrient loss varies greatly depending on the type of produce

Green leafy vegetables such as spinach and kale are the most delicate and susceptible to nutrient loss, while vegetables and fruit with a skin or shell (think oranges or pumpkin) are more robust and stay nutritionally intact longer. In saying this, leafy greens are so nutrient dense that even when some nutrients are lost, you are still getting plenty in, so don’t let this deter you from getting your greens in! Pick the fresh option when it’s available but know that the frozen is not far behind when it comes nutrients.

Meat, fish and poultry

Although they’re not seasonal, meat and fish are also part of the fresh vs. frozen debate. It’s important to know that with fish in particular, unless you caught it yourself, there is not such thing as fresh. All wild-caught fish, by law, has to be frozen in order to kill parasites. When it comes to meat and poultry, the same rules apply as with produce. Freezing them does not take away from nutritional values, yet it may make your meal prepping a little easier.

The most important thing is not to overthink the fresh vs. frozen debate. Chances are, you probably eat fresh food 90% of the time and if you sometimes get snap frozen veggies, or you freeze your protein for another time and that is perfectly fine too. At FIG we believe in fresh, nutritious food that fuels you and makes you feel good. All our meals have a purpose, to make you feel better, perform better and look better. So come in and experience the FIG difference for yourself!

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