When you hear the words food waste, you automatically think the food is bad, right? Wrong.

Food waste occurs every day. It could be that tomato you throw away because of one teeny bad spot or the case of buying too much food in your weekly shop because it looked great and was on special…. it happens to the best of us!

According to a 2016 report by the Melbourne Foodprint Project, more than 900,000 tonnes of edible food is wasted every year in Melbourne alone. That’s enough food to feed more than 2 million people a year! Crazy right?

However, food waste isn’t just contained to the family home – it’s also a growing issue in our food service industry. A study conducted by RMIT University suggests at least 40 percent of food purchased for stock ends up in the bins of restaurants, cafes and other foodservice businesses around Australia. That’s why FIG are proud to be working towards reducing food waste through their support of local not-for-profit restaurant Lentil As Anything’s Food Without Borders service.

Every Friday, Food Without Borders collects quality food from FIG destined for the bin simply because it can’t t be sold as ‘fresh’ the next day. This food is then passed on to use the in the kitchens of Lentil As Anything.

Lentil As Anything was established back in 2000. It operates on the principle that everyone deserves a place at the table – a place to share their stories and hear those of others. It also promotes multiculturalism by fostering an environment of inclusion. Something we at FIG think is important to be recognised in a multicultural country like Australia.

Secret to the success of Food Without Borders has been the support it gets from independent businesses like FIG.

FIG’s mission to reduce food waste doesn’t just stop there, we’ve also committed to helping lower C02 emissions by using biodegradable packaging from supplier BioPak wherever possible. The use of raw materials that are bio-based, recycled and non-toxic is key to a sustainable future. By reducing landfill, we’re giving our children and grandchildren the environment they deserve to live in.

FIG’s alignment with Food Without Borders, Lentil As Anything and BioPak primarily demonstrates our commitment to sustaining a healthy environment and mission to connect with our community. We’re proud to say that when you come to FIG, you’re contributing to a sustainable future. Not only can you eat healthy, you can feel good about your lunch choice too.

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