How big is too big when it comes to portion sizes?

The first and most important question you ask yourself is, what do I want to eat? The second that closely follows is, how much of it should I be eating? Aussies, much like American’s are starting to suffer from something called ‘portion distortion’, so we decided to help you on your lunchtime travels with a guide on how much you should be eating!


This is mainly going to depend on what you’re eating, however (plate) size does matter! Research from Deakin University found that simply doubling the size of your plate leads to a 44% increase in how much you consume. This gets the alarm bells ringing, considering data suggests our plate sizes have increased by 36% since 1960! It’s clear that we can no longer let plate sizes guide us, so here a few things to remember!

Non-starchy vegetables

The aim is to start with two fist-fulls of non-starchy vegetables for each meal. The saying was always half a plate, but depending on whose plate, you could end up with a bush or a leaf. The best vegetables to start with are leafy greens, broccoli, capsicum, carrots, mushrooms and tomatoes. This will generally make up most of the plate anyway!


Protein is important because it’s the part of your meal that will keep you full and keep you going. A palm-sized portion of protein with each meal is what you want to aim for. Chicken, beef, lamb, pork, eggs and seafood are the most popular choices but sometime legumes and beans can be a good alternative! At FIG, all our bowls have the power of protein fuelling them!


When it comes to carbs, you want to play it smart and focus on low G.I carbs. Adding one cupped hand size of carbs to 1 or 2 of your daily meals will help lift that fibre intake and take away any cravings you might have for unnecessary temptations. Carb examples we love to use at FIG are sweet potato, brown, black and red rice and chickpeas!

Toppers and Dressings

This is where you get to have fun and play with flavours and textures. Cook or garnish meals with healthy fats, like olive oil and coconut oil. Play around with adding nuts and seeds to taste and avocado and yoghurt for creaminess! At FIG one of our favourite toppers is our spicy chickpea smash, it adds an entirely new dimension to our bowls!

These tips should give you an idea for both when you’re preparing your own meals and eating out. It might sound like a lot of vegetables but the flavours balance out and the meals leave you feeling light and fresh instead of lethargic and in need of a nap. At FIG, our philosophy is to fuel you and make you feel good whilst also pleasing your tastebuds and all our meals are designed to be perfectly portioned. So, if you’re not sure how much is too much or you simply don’t want to think about it, come into FIG and let us look after you!

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